About Michelle Blue, LMFT

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My Mission

I am passionate about women's health. I want to dismantle the internalized systemic oppression of women and ignite the flame of strength and empowerment within.

Through my personal and professional experience, I have come to recognize the overwhelming micro and macro messages that maintain the status quo. Raise your hand if you grew up believing you were more valuable and worthy of love as a virgin. Have you ever been told that it's your responsibility to make your male partner "feel manly"? Or how about believing you have to "tone it down" and present as agreeable to be liked? Better yet, if you have become the "default parent", then we need to talk. Let's get down and dirty in the process of recreating a narrative and relationship with the world that is relentless in these messages. 

I believe that through our relationship and work together the way I show up in therapy will serve as a foundation of how boundaries, self-love, and connection will allow for growth. Allow me to join you in your journey of becoming congruent and connected. 

My Values


It's important to feel safe and contained to be vulnerable, honest, and congruent. Your confidentiality is an upmost priority. 


Honesty and being forthcoming with what you can expect, who I am, and how I will show up for you is an important component of earning your trust. 


You are the in the driver seat and it is important to me that you are empowered to make the decisions for your life and its trajectory. 


My stance is nonjudgemental. I will strive to understand and hold compassion for who are and what you're about.